Fresh - Empty Venues

Empty Venues is rooted from many shows performed unwatched and unattended. I'd perform at numerous open mics and hip hop shows but had no audience. Charging it to the game I knew that it was a part of the process so it didn't make me angry necessarily, just more hungry. This tape embodies that mentality. Authenticity, wit, and a genuine attempt at a connection is what you can expect from Empty Venues.

Jacobi “Fresh” Isham is an American hip hop artist born on April 17, 1990. Currently residing in OKC, Fresh grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma where he recorded his first song at the age of 15. Fresh’s sound has been compared to Big K.R.I.T. and J. Cole. Although he doesn’t yet produce, his music has grown and developed to come from his unique artistic perspective through lyricism and creative influence. In 2007 Fresh released his first solo project titled Trendsettin’. After an on/off stint during college, Fresh returned to music with Retros and XOs in February of 2014, then most recently Empty Venues in July of 2014. Fresh has collaborated with artists such as Neaven Morgan, A. Mitch, Zie, and Privaledge. Check him out at


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