Saul Goode ft. Eli- Danny Green (prod. by Z Note) @parttimecooks


In light of all that is going on in Chapel Hill right now with UNC Basketball, Saul Goode has just released a track named after former Carolina player Danny Green to give North Carolina something to smile about. 

Currently residing in South Korea, the Carolina native and his new collective Part Time Cooks are taking over the Seoul underground Hip-Hop scene. 

As Danny Green and the Spurs battle through the NBA finals, check out this video filmed from Saul's rooftop all the way out in Seoul. 

MP3 available on Bandcamp:

Download new album from Part Time Cooks here:

Written and Recorded by Saul Goode: 

Produced by Z Note: 

Vocals by Saul Goode & Eli: 

Mix and Mastered by Jangsoo: 

More from Saul Goode & Part Time Cooks available at:


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