Melodious Sovereigns: “Equinox Rising”

As the music industry that artists of the 90s once knew contracts and meta-morphs into a new and more voracious animal, music technology and social media have allowed communities of forward-thinking creatives to flourish with a newfound energy from the freedom the technology can afford them all. With such potential for individual and creative freedom, community is bound to manifest, and it has done so among 14 producers who call themselves the Melodious Sovereigns.

As artists and producers existing contentedly on the fringes of their respective scenes, the Melodious Sovereigns are aiming to penetrate the minds and hearts of today’s listener with a focus on exotic arrangement and melodic experimentation with their first release as a collective, “Equinox Rising”. Artonius, one of the group’s spokesmen, says, “This project is supposed to represent—like the spring equinox itself---a new year and outlook on what's to come.”

The album has a cultural foundation with a decidedly soulful bent, which is most profoundly evident in the collective’s almost spiritual analysis of melody itself throughout “Equinox Rising”. “We really want to show what being melodic is all about,” Artonius said. “We want people to see that this is only the beginning.”

“We are a collective force of different walks of life,” Artonius explained. “who are really about making something special.” The members’ combined experience spans close to two decades as music makers, and the Melodious Sovereigns share a sense of purpose in massively expanding the possibilities in music of all genres. “Especially in the indie world,” he said. “because the indie world has to really move as a collective to really do any damage anyhow.”

A premium group of producers have come together to form the collective, "Melodious Sovereigns", to show the world how they rule the melodies in their own right.


released 15 June 2014
Yura The Beattress:
Yagmha Murdock:

And a HUGE thanks to Andreas Pedersen for the album artwork!

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