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“Its been said that this Hip Hop game ain’t for everyone , and in the words from two
minds and one mouth… why play it?” – GYM E. DEAN

His demeanor may be laid back, but you don’t want to sleep on his talent.
Make no bones about it. This brother is about business and the bottom line.

Sandy A. Wiley was born and raised by his parents who were both enlisted in the Air
Force. As an only child, he could never keep still due to having an early appreciation for music at the tender age of 4.The military has afforded him extensive travel throughout
the U.S. and exposure to music and cultural diversity. This would later become one of
many seeds to launch a hobby into an evolving career paired with studying music at North
Carolina Central University.

Be it known the three parts of the man: BIONIK the highly creative producer, A. Y.
LEE the sensitive vocalist or GYM E. DEAN the aggressive rapper. Wiley keeps it both
real and game tight which has crowned him a king of his craft.

Wiley’s multi-faceted talent continues eating up the industry on the home front and coast
to coast. His diet consists of dedication and a work ethic that consumes and keeps him
fixated on the daily grind.

“ There’s no defined hours of creativity for me. It can start at any point and be triggered
by almost anything. I don’t sleep until its done. In a way it can be both a gift and a

That personal drive is what has other known artists gravitating within his reach seeking
collabos. Wiley further explains that he is never reluctant when it comes to working with
others. “I don’t believe in having to do it all. I like to share ideas and concept and I’m
especially big on collaboration if its productive.”

He has produced for the likes of Lil Flip, Bun B, Trick Daddy, Z-Ro, Akinyele, Point
Blank to G – Unit Recording artist 40 Glocc and a host of others.

So keep your ear to the ground for A. Y. Lee’s debut album NO MORE MR. NICE GUY
and it’s follow up SLACKER, both released under the wings of Empire Distribution in
collaboration with Blockhuggerz Entertainment. Added to the equation is the Gym E. Dean single FOREMAN which is under his first solo distribution effort. They are available on iTunes, Google
Music and Amazon and songs can be heard on Spotify, Slacker, Media Net, Rhapsody,
Muve and a host of other locations. Here  you’ll find a fusion of hip hop and soul that makes for the perfect storm.

For Bookings & Inquiries:
Deviant Son Music Group

Writing Credits: Perfecting The Persona- Judith L. Guest 919.841.0953


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