Adam Reverie Releases "The Unbosoming" As A Farewell to Music

It's easy to get consumed by music and we sometimes forget that life is much bigger than releasing songs or trying to be heard.  We'd like to take this time to offer one last song from Adam Reverie, a brutally honest and vulnerable confession and farewell to music, as he is taking some time to find what is important to him in life.  This is a process we all have been through or will go through, and we hope that you will take the time to keep Rev in your thoughts, let him know his music isn't falling on deaf ears, and hope for his return to music one day; the world needs his talents.  We aren't sending this looking for coverage, we just hope that you listen to this song, share with anyone who will appreciate or relate to it, and maintain a perspective of the bigger picture and what's more important than music.  Sincerely, R.A.R.E. Nation.

Artist: Adam Reverie
Song: "The Unbosoming (Prod. Showtime AJ)"

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