Tymepeace - Step Aside

Tymepeace - Step Aside
Over a cryptically stripped down backbeat produced by Skitz, our dudes go vigilante in a tireless effort to clean up this sordid state of affairs and salvage what remains of our tiny village. And when there's no more wack dudes to check, no more weak beats to discard, when you can't squeeze another silly song on the radio, what do they do? They light a match. They blow the joint and skip town with the Sirc Remix.
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About Tymepeace

Tymepeace is comprised of two members, four extensions (Written, Produced, Performed, Recorded) and all FIVE elements that combine to form this thing we call HipHop. Having been born and raised on the classic formula of beats, rhymes, and cuts. Jo Twice the emcee, and G-Spot the deejay, have always stuck to the script. First coming together as friends with a mutual admiration for the others craft, they quickly formed a bond and vowed to create the kind of music that would best display their love of the art form. It is that love that has manifested an eternal respect for anyone that has ever rocked a microphone or held down a pair of turntables before them, with them, or long after them. Their sound is that of the people.


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