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Penitentiary Music L.L.C.
This is Penitentiary Music, the new hottest independent music label that's taking the industry to another level! This music is from the heart of those wit pure ambition, dedication, drive and the discipline to push forward. Penitentiary Music produces nothing but hard hitting hits, engrossing the streets and life from the Penitentiary to the bricks, from the hottest producers, writers and artists in the game. Our story starts from the place that society forgets and extends to a world behind concrete walls. What other record label u know has a C.E.O with the intelligence, vision and focus to move with such dedication and drive, while at the same time, doing and fighting a life sentence, without parole. His name is Eddie Head Da Don and he is not just the heart of the label, but the innovative genius behind Penitentiary Music. Raised in Memphis Tennessee, outta the Pussy Valley Housing Projects, he's telling the full life story of his life struggles and the pain of his struggles. Even with his reputation that exceeds him, nothing will stop this man from success! His own songs like Mama Made Me, One and Only, and 1800 displays the struggle and persona of his life. We want to send shoutouts to Bogus, the hottest producer out of Memphis Tennessee right now, and C.E.O of Bogus Music, (who is looking for new artists to collaborate with), and also Blu of Blu Beats and T.O. of C1 Productions. Our artists are, Yung Rudy Da Bizness, the hardest spitting lyricist from Mt.Money Tennessee! SITI MONEY, another one of Memphis Tennessee's hottest rappers, straight out of the Eastside. Santana Tha Prince, an astounding storyteller from Nashville Tennessee and one that will surely set and standard from the rap game! Yung Jakes, from Chicago Illinois, is a lyricist and dope artist that will bring the Chi-town back it's glory. Lastly, we have Majination, a God MC and Hip-Hop Christ, truly the one who Is next to put the game in a chokehold and rule!!!!

 Eddie Head da Don
Head DaDon
To download the Track "Kings of Music" for free, go to and enter the code c3k5-au75


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