Noah - "Progressive Mindstate" [Mixtape] @cnoah91

As an artist who's attentive and values intricacy and creativity, Noah shares with you his Progressive Mindstate. A distinctive project out of Austin, Texas.

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I go by Noah. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana but raised in Austin, Texas. Like many I was that kid at home wishing for better days, envisioning rappers on the T.V screen. I picked up the pen in middle school and been perfecting my craft ever since. With influences like Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Bone thugs and Chamillionaire I bring a very creative and introspective flow to the table. After numerous failed groups I eventually took matters into my own hands, bought my own studio equipment and created progressive mindstate. 
After about three years of setbacks I was finally able to release it. At 22 this is my debut mixtape and I named it Progressive Mindstate cause it represents perseverance. The leading single Y.B.E is definitely something to put in your speaker deck! A fresh track full of motivation and wordplay! Ultimately I feel music should inspire and be a reflection of life, from the good and bad. My music does just that.


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