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Los Gwop - Take Ya Time Explicit

Los Gwop born Carlos Christopher Cooper November 15 1988 6:45am at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Bronx, New York. 

Grew up in South Bronx as a child loving music it was his first love. At age 10 his mother bought his first 

computer he fell in love with taking it apart and putting it back together. Carlos had an aunt that was a great 

singer and she recorded her music and he was inspired to do so himself. His father was a local reggae artist in 

Jamaica so he always had a musical background. At 9 y/o he saw this bad boy video and decided that was the kind of 

life he wanted.he grew up having a diverse background listening to all types of artist from the likes of Jayz, 50 

cent,The Lox,Dipset,Biggie,Tupac,and LilWayne and many more. The love they received from the girls, and throwing 

money in their videos was an eye catcher to Carlos. At that point he knew that was what he wanted to do he didn’t 

want to be poor forever and music was going to stare his life in the direction he wanted to live that lifestyle. At 

age 10 his grandmother bought him his first cd burner and a microphone as a gift when he completed elementary 

school, He began recording music on his computer immediately. He didn’t like the way the music sounded at first. So 

everyday while kids his age was out playing he was perfecting his craft day after day for hours. His father noticed 

how dedicated he was to music and bought him his first 16 track mixer and some recording software. He then began 

writing rhymes and recording full time, while the kids were in school writing the stuff off the chalkboard Carlos 

was in the back of the class writing down his rhymes. He would come home from school and freestyle for the people 

on the block. As he stood on the corner rapping he would draw crowds. By the time he was 16 his older brother was 

murdered. His brother was murdered right in of him his brothers blood was on him. Grieving over his brother made 

him want to go hard for his big brother. He felt as though he had to make it so his brother could be proud of him. 

As a result, his parents moved him and his younger brother out to Georgia so they could have a better life. She 

didn’t want them out running the streets. Once he got to Georgia that’s when he really found he style of music 

sharing he emotions and life of what he experienced growing up in Bronx,N.Y. Los later went out and bought top of 

the line studio equipment and built his own studio. When he got pro tools and that’s when he started to produce hit 

records. To this day he is still writing and producing his own music and getting better and better as time goes on.
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