Frigid Giant evolves, "From My Cold Dead Hands" @FrigidGiant

Seasoned Indie rapper Frigid Giant has been around long enough to know what it takes to make an impacting album.  Today 5/13/14 marks the release date of his third full length album, and fourth project in a two year span ("The Man Who Sold The World" 2012, "The River Tam EP" 2012, and "Not Dead Yet" Mixtape 2013).  He was able to start and complete this album over the past year, even while playing in over 50 cities.
    This time around Frigid took on the reins from a production standpoint.  Producing the Introduction to the Album. As well as the manic and yet poignant "Contraband", the sure to be controversial "Windmill",and the anthemic title banger "From My Cold Dead Hands".  He also composed a skit about dealing with promoters that musicians and cinema-philes are sure to appreciate.
    Joining the production crew is Toronto based MPC beat champion Fresh Kils.  The two met through mutual contacts and formed a tight bond at the 2013 SXSW music festival.  Kils produced the comedic "I Didn't Wanna", the suspenseful "God Loves, Man Kills", and the heart touching "Night of the Sentinels".
    Also contributing beats to Frigid's sound library is Russia's own TRI, whom scored the new school banger "Agent Provocateur".  "Brunch" was made by a quiet Buffalo native known as Steel.  The mesmerizing "Shuma Gorath" came from another Buffalo native, producer FreeLance.
    Rounding out the rest of the album are frequent collaborators WZA ("Fatal Attractions" Buffalo NY), Doze ("Chance Occurrence" Souix Falls SD), Connect Rhymes ("Protest with Noise" Pittsburgh PA).  Featured MC's on the project are Raymond Strife and Wade Wilson (Trenton NJ), Connect Rhymes and Moemaw Naedon (Pittsburgh PA), MCKP, Miggie J, Antics, and Frigid's local crew 'Force Majuere'.  

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