Brand NEW!! Symphonik BANG - Exordium Armada (Mixtape/Compilation) FREE DL @symphonikbang

Exordium Armada is a compilation/ mixtape of tracks we created over the years ,
Mainly remixes and a couple of orginal tracks that are available as a free download!!!
Stream/download Link:
Direct Download:
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This project (Exordium Armada) is a prelude to our upcoming debut album "Phonik Armada" that will be released in september 2014. 

The upcoming album features Afu ra, Aims, Banish, Chaundon, Crypt The War Child (Outerspace/AOTP), Chip-Fu (Fu-Schnickens), Desco (EMS), El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Esoteric (AOTP), Freestyle (Arsonists), Godilla, Jus Allah (Jedi Mind Tricks/AOTP), King Magnetic (AOTP), GQ Nothin' Pretty, Le S'1drom (IBZ), Mayhem (EMS), M-Dot (EMS), Matt Maddox, Meta P, Natural Born Spitters (NBS), Planetary (Outerspace/AOTP), Rasco (Cali Agents),Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP), Reks, Revalation (EMS), Resolute, Sammy Gallows, Seek (Radix), Swann (Ill Roc), Tha Soloist, Torae (Duckdown), Tribeca, XP (Rhyme Addicts)

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