@rozettablanco @dubmaudioking I Am Not Perfect

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Directed & edit by @DubMaudioking Produced by Don Coda 

Young, Versatile, eye catching and energic is what Rozetta Blanco full of. Born in Trinidad and raised in New Jersey. Where Rozetta was raised to be independent by her mother living in the ruff streets of East Orange and Newark. As a child Rozetta took a problems out in writing poetry. As her dreams of going to college and playing basketball. Rozetta Blanco chose the path to work and make music. Moving out her mom's house at 18. The young beauty expresses her feelings, creative energy ,love for art , dance and music in her music. She offers hip hop swag, sex appeal, attitude and soulful music. What Rozetta Blanco strive to become is hip hops best versatile artist. Making eye catching videos and hip hop swag music in 2014.

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