@Jermiside @DannyDiggs "Deep Rivers" (Fannie Lou Hamer Tribute)

"This track was originally recorded during the "Quiet As Kept" (HipNott Records) album sessions but it didn't quite fit with the theme of the album, so we put it in our pocket and saved it for later. I figured since it's now Women's History Month it was an appropriate time to let the people hear it. The song was inspired by a tweet from Brother Ali about civil/voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, whom I had never heard of at the time. It prompted me to do some research and a song & voilĂ . HAPPY WOMENS HISTORY MONTH" -Jermiside

In late 2007 Irish producer Danny Diggs would reach out to collaborate with Atlanta based, Cincinnati-bred emcee Jermiside on a song for what was supposed to be a B-side for a vinyl release. While the 12 inch never materialized, the two would continue to work on what gradually snowballed into 2010's full length LP, Middle Classic.
Jermiside began carving out a niche for himself in 2003 with the the self-produced and self released 7 inch vinyl record called NP45 Vol. 1 and later that year, The Biology Of Kingship which received favorable reviews both locally, nationally and also sparked the interest of various overseas entities. During this period, he would link with other like-minded Cincinnati natives Ilyas, Donwill (of Tanya Morgan fame) and Brickbeats, with whom he would later form the duo The Red Giants with The Red Giants LP (2006) and Chain Reaction EP (2009). As a part of the Lessondary Crew, which consists of Che Grand, Tanya Morgan, Elucid, Spec Boogie, A Brother Named George and others, Jermiside has made a name for himself with his stellar guest appearances. He has appeared on tracks alongside artists such as Tanya Morgan, Ill Poetic, Soulstice, Theory Hazit, Reef the Lost Cause and a number of other underground artists.
Danny Diggs’ production is very reminiscent of the Golden Era of hip-hop and, unsurprisingly, his music has caught the attention of such well respected artists as Killah Priest, Akrobatic, Shad, Has-Lo and many up an coming talents from around the globe. In 2009 he released Introducing Danny Diggs which featured a well received single “The Calling” featuring Shad K, Jermiside & Destruments.


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