So supposedly the video of this song was dropped as the school didn't appreciate the image it set for itself. I didn't see the video to properly judge, but I can see them overreacting as not understanding hip hop.
Loved the beat on the track. I can imagine some things in the video that they might not have liked. Would love to see what caused the issue.
You know hip hop is good when it's getting the establishment upset
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"LUC TRAP" by Ray of TTFG

TTFG is a group of three members, AG, Spade, and Raytime. They released their first iTunes single about two years ago. They have performed in Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska and are quickly gaining popularity on the westcoast. This is one of their most popular songs which features Cyhi Da Prynce of G.O.O.D Music, and is produced by Chicago's Superproducer C-Sick. 

Twitter: @TTFGEnt
Bandcamp: ttfg.bandcamp.com

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