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I love when thought is put into the videos The color the shots the edits fit the track Very artistic on a different level not really meant for commercial consumption Mix some hip hop EDM indian and whole lot of genres

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A story of passion, pain and misunderstanding. This video is an invitation into the raunchy chaos that is the mind of an artist, narrated by an addict in song form. With no reservation and all emotions present to be criticized, what you will witness is the artists reality in its rawest form.

Music Video by Tremayne Performing His beloved ©
Original Song by XXYYXX Never leave
2014 ©
Written/ Directed by Tremayne
Film credit to Nick

An artist driven by emotion and imagination. Creation to Tremayne has always been something personal and it shows in his music. Never to be mistaken for another artist but able to exist in every imaginable genre of music, you can never tell what your ears are going to witness when you enter his sonic cinema. From songs like 'Lonerock', depicting the untold struggles of a suburban outcast, to songs like 'Hapsburg Sq.', which is a fictional story of the journey of a ghetto teen torn by right and wrong. Tremayne guarantees to leave you in a thoughtful coma or a hyper bounce that may last indefinitely. Poised to be a legend in the music industry, the pen never stops flowing as he tries to capture every possible opportunity to create a classic. Long story short, this kid can write his ass off and has a passion for music most people don't even know exists. Take him in and fly so high you'll be dodging asteroids while you ride saturn's belt into bliss.


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