@_QueenLikaa New Video TIDE

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Tide" (prod. By Chill) is Malika Esdelle’s debut solo video and first single off her EP “Arrival”. This track develops a lot of different emotions and can relate to different individuals going through different stages in a relationship. The visuals show a complicated love triangle and the outcome of what can happen when a person’s love is taking for granted.

Shot by: Smoove Scenes
Edited by: Smoove Scenes

Performed by: Malika Esdelle
Featuring: Joshua Retemiah & Mel A. Smyth

Malika Esdelle is a 21-year-old R&B/Hip Hop singer/songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York. Malika Esdelle’s alluring tone, relatable and sincere lyrics will be sure to captivate and be memorable to all that hear her. Watch this young artist’s progress by visiting her website, malikaesdelle.com or follow her on twitter and Instagram @_queenlikaa.


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