@Konfiident " Live It Up "

 KonFiiDent who derived his name from an article titled “Be Confident In Yourself,” is a young rapper with the hustle and mindset of a veteran. KonFiiDent relocated to Canada with his family in 2005. Now KonFiiDent is a Toronto-Based Rapper coming strong into the game with catchy singles and memorable music videos.
KonFiiDent first realized his lyrical skills when he was only 11-years-old. Writing poetry to channel his emotions, KonFiiDent soon switched his poetry into Hip-Hop. Influenced by his families love for all types of music, KonFiiDent has used his abundant musical knowledge to connect with a diverse audience.
KonFiiDent depends on writing to express his emotions, but he has also discovered his love for performing. Apart from the local talent that surrounds KonFiiDent, his musical influences include artists like Rick Ross, Michael Jackson, Notorious BIG, and Nipsey Hussle. Although KonFiiDent gains inspiration from such artists, his sound is all his own, “being unique is key in this industry.”
In early 2011 KonFiiDent was discovered by Jacobi ‘JG’ Guyton, a Tampa, Florida based manager who saw a great potential in the young artist. He was immediately offered a recording deal with up and coming record label “BangKok Records LLC.” In Tampa, Florida. They immediately began working after a meeting in Miami. KonFiiDent is scheduled to release a numerous of new music and mixtape's, this coming year, his first official release is due this spring. 

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