Gizzle Badazz (@ThaRealGizz), Deysean (@Deynova_Sean), Apollo (@Apollo_Muzik), Supreme (@supreme_1st), Swateezy (@Swateezy), JClay (@JClay_1st), KJ (@KJADAMZBOYZ), Lil Won (@lilwon), The Slip Records (@TheSlipRecords),

Great Slip Cypher with all the best from previous Cyphers coming into this one. The only issue is the recording aint the best to here. But good Vibe
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A super team of spittas assemble to save the world from wackness.

 This cypher includes Gizzle Badazz, Deysean, Apollo, Supreme, Swateezy, JClay, KJ, and Lil Won.


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