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As Uproar Nation's own D'zyl 5k1 (pronounced Diesel 5001) campaigns to get on the coveted Paid Dues stage, he is continuing to push his music, including his double cd, entitled, "The Sauce"-due out in March 2014. His The album consists of one disk being his personal album, and the other disk-a collaboration album comprised of songs that he has been working on with others since his last album, 2012's "Not Your Average Bear". They are to be viewed as two seperate cds, but part of the same body of work, for he created them simulataneously...all the while putting out an ep, "D'zyl Prime", and a group cd, "MAximum Capacity"-both in 2013.  His first single, "Therapy" gives us a glimpse into the mind of a man that dwells outside of the box. This San Bernardino, Ca artist is striving to provide you with music and visuals that are not only out of the 
ordinary...but stimulating and entertaining. Enjoy!  PS-If you do post it on your site, please send a link so that our team may help cross promote as well. we wish to broaden our horizons and reach and help you do so as well.

D’zyl 5k1…born Daniel Edward Fromm, a man of German and Black descent, as well as being a gemini….fully understands duality and the nature of relativity…especially with music. He boasts of listening to literally 
almost all types of music and being able to relate and pull from those genres to help mold his own sound. Born in Hollywood, Ca...but raised in a gritty place known as the Inland Empire (San Bernardino), he chose to never let his environment limit his imagination or dictate his future...but rather, inspire it. Primarily a hip hop artist…he believes that he should never be confounded by titles or barriers. He enjoys singing, of all styles, and will even try to sneak in some opera at any chance he can. With a novelist’s wit, he has penned songs for 
numerous artists, has written a book, a few scripts….there is no limitations to what he can or will do. One of his goals is, “to be one of those names that people drop when they’re trying to sound cool haha”. With the way things are going and the tenacity he displays day in and day out….that day will soon be among us. 

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"Man On Fire"

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