@TheRealLyrical_ "Do It Better [The Remix-tape]".

Check out the new track from Lyrical dropping some nice remixes Spit some nice delivery good bars. Check out the Flavor in the Year that collabo bangs
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Lyrical is an up and coming Hip Hop artist out of North New Jersey who incorporates 90's elements of hip hop with current elements of hip hop to create his own sound. As a result, a polished, unpredictable flow comes to the forefront. The name "Lyrical" was self given because of a choice to use more than simple, more complex rhyme schemes to say clever and prolific things. Lyrical then formed an entrepreneur collective called "Crown Life" to help release his music. With Lyrical's biggest influences being Biggie, Tupac, Eminem, 50 cent & The Fugees; Lyrical brings you a project called "Do It Better [The Remix-tape]". The mixtape includes a compilation of Lyrical's favorite songs remixed. It is up to the listener to decide whether they think in fact, he "Did It Better" hence the mixtape's title "Do It Better"
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