@T2GhettoHippie- Audio Art ft I@IsaacReidMusic- @thekingdub @TrakkSounds @BluMajic_Zwill

CHeck out the new name from T2 featuring Isaac Reid
Loved the video it totally sets up the vibe of audio art with all the colors of the tracks
Pretty good flow on the track nice rhymes Voice and flow remind me of Lil Wayne a bit
2nd verse was incredible with the lyrics and rhyme schemes
Really like the hook. The beat is nice musical head nodding spot
Great song
Don’t forget where you get the best underground music Death Chamberz Music

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"Audio Art"- Part 2 of the "Vibes" Visual Series.T2 The Ghetto Hippie ft. Isaac Reid/ Produced by TrakkSounds Edited by B- Luce Shot by DJGhost Directed by The CloudRiders @T2GhettoHippie @IsaacReidMusic @TrakkSounds @thekingdub @thekingdub @T2GhettoHippie @IsaacReidMusic @TrakkSounds @T2GhettoHippie @IsaacReidMusic @TrakkSounds

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