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Smoove Gotti is releasing his new Mixtape MY DNA LEVEL C Friday Jan. 24, 2013 through Hotnewhiphop.com. This is the first mixtape in two years from the Cleveland, Ohio native. The mixtape has unreleased music  from his stint with Hoopla World Wide/ Wide Awake Death Row Entertainment. It also has music that he has been recording for new label Concore Entertainment and his own label I C Green Entertainment. "This music is good solid music that might not have ever been heard if I didn't bite the bullet and give it away for free" says Smoove Gotti. Smoove says that he is not releasing a CD through Hoopla Worldwide any more and wants fans to know that this was some of the music for the Hoopla/ Death Row Album. "Everybody has moved away from the old Wide Awake Hoopla situation and so have I." "I learned a lot from working with Jonathon Hay and I'm eager to keep releasing music through Concore and running I C Green Entertainment." Smoove Gotti promised that he would be releasing more music this year and that he has been spreading this free mixtape all over Ohio.

Deron Rattliff (Better known as) Smoove Gotti was born December 28, 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in the 10th Ward on the eastside of Cleveland. Unlike most of his peers, Smoove was raised by a single father. His father a postal worker was very influential in his life. Smoove says his father gave him two traits of character that are forever instilled in him. He gave him his love for music and he taught him that a man must work for his money. Smoove's father worked hard. While Smoove's father was at work Smoove ran the streets. He started rapping as a teenager and gradually became more and more serious throughout the years. As he became more passionate he developed into a great lyricist with a lot of commercial appeal. At the age of 16 he became a father to a beautiful baby girl which fueled him to make money. Smoove had to make tough decisions. He started working jobs and selling drugs. Smoove learned responsibility would be his priority over music. He never stopped making music but he had to get his life straight. He inherited a great trait from his dad. The trait was hard work. Smoove worked hard in everything he did especially working a job. After the streets bring you trouble you have to make sense of what you want out of life. Smoove chose to work a job and stopped selling drugs. Maybe one of the best decisions he ever made. He worked a blue collar job and tried college out. Smoove felt like he was forced to go to college by people who thought that his music was just a hobby. After trying college and realizing that his love for music was stronger than any prestige a degree could give Smoove put his music first priority. He recruited a team of believers. He began recording major singles and after years of hard work he became CEO of his own label (I C Green Entertainment & Clothing) in 2010. Smoove gotti released his We Plead Tha 5th mixtape in Nov. 1, 2010. He quickly followed up with his release of his second mixtape Never Did Play Sept. 2, 2011. He has gotten thousands of downloads He has put thousands of hard disk in the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Smoove Gotti has a hunger for success and unmatched potential for making music while also being a very professional businessman. He is dedicated to delivering quality music to a broad range of people and refuses to fail. Smoove Gotti believes that impossible is just an obstacle waiting to be hurdled. Smoove has a slew of mixtapes and a debut album to drop for 2012. He has just signed a major deal to Hoopla/ Wide Awake Death Row Entertainment. He is and will be a new era of music.

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