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 – Up-and-coming Chicago rapper, Supah, releases the video for the first single from his soon-to-be released No Hype mixtape today.  Produced by Hotwire, “Something Spiritual” features King Popo of BandKamp (Paris Beuller, Young Chop) and visuals courtesy of Zae of AZae Production (Chief Keef, Lil Durk).

“Something Spiritual” is Supah’s tale of the one night of ecstasy that constantly overshadows all of the frivolous thrills and outright debauchery that he typically finds himself engaged in.  Rising model/dancer, Newbe Jay, who stars as lead in the video, helps Supah elevate from just getting physical to finally receiving “Something Spiritual”…

“Something Spiritual” Music Video via YouTube (http://youtu.be/7WS2lg9D8hQ)
“Something Spiritual” MP3 via Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/sevensixsupah/supah-ft-king-popo-something-1)
Both clean and explicit versions available for {FREE} download
“Something Spiritual” Lyrics via Rap Genius (http://rapgenius.com/Sevensixsupah-something-spiritual-lyrics)

Includes "Something Spiritual" artwork, still photos from "Something Spiritual" music video and promotional photos of Supah

Supah is 18 years old and a freshman business major at St. Xavier University (Chicago, IL).  His biggest musical influence is Jay Electronica and he describes his style as “Me”.  No Hype is slated for a spring 2014 release and will feature fellow Chicago artists such as Lil Herb, The HoodGeekz and production by Young Chop.


King Popo - @KingPopo_ (https://twitter.com/KingPopo_)
Hotwire - @hotwireondabeat (https://www.twitter.com/hotwireondabeat)
Newbe Jay - @NewbeJay (https://www.twitter.com/NewbeJay)

A Zae Production - @AZaeProduction (https://twitter.com/AZaeProduction)
Juke Related Ent. - @JukeRelated (https://twitter.com/JukeRelated)


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