@ReadRicharts "RCS"

I have to say the still shot style The black and white color and just the shots chosen make this one of the coolest visuals I've seen in awhile
Read Richarts

Read Richarts - RCS

"Tasked with captivating the city of Austin and garnerning attention across the state of Texas and beyond, Read Richarts has taken to making his mark on the city, literally, by commissioning a local graffiti artist. Anagramming his moniker (Read Richarts -> Rare Card Shit), the emcee delivers a carefully crafted ("mint" condition) onslaught of bars, worthy of usurping the throne in Texas. Read pulls no punches on the track, explicitly vocalizing his views on bucking the "hometown hero" trend, in turn, setting his sights on a higher level of recognition."

Read Richarts - Modus Operandi EP

Overshadowed by Houston and Dallas, the general consensus is that hip hop in Austin is non-existent. Determined to change that notion, Read Richarts is on a tear to not only spearhead the revolution, but also spark a trend that separates the capital city from its acclaimed in-state rivals. Drawing inspiration from the Midwest and East Coast vanguards of rap, Richarts channels their influence while showcasing the flair of his regional roots to craft his unique style and delivery. The city of Austin is a hotbed of emerging talent, and Read Richarts is the unquestioned frontrunner. His Modus Operandi EP will be the new benchmark.

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