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Bizzy Crook talks about working with Mona Scott and Busta Rhymes. The entire experience of being in the studio while recording Bizzy Crook’s newest mix tape 84’ Off Season was dope. I first met Bizzy Crook on his tour with Chris Webby on the Homegrown Tour. I ran into his manager Monte, and we linked up and he asked me to pull through to do an interview. I had the pleasure of meeting with @BizzyCrook and feel the vibe in the recording studio in Manhattan. Mad people were coming in and out and drinks were being served. My camera man and I got there around 10pm, set up, and chilled for a bit before we did the interview.
When speaking with Bizzy you could just tell how focused he is on his music. He has worked with some big people in the industry. He used to be managed by Mona Scott who told him he’s going to be a star! Working with Nelly, King Los, Busta Rhymes, Chris Webby Homegrown Tour, being featured on 106 and Park along with numerous radio freestyles, Bizzy is making his way up in the music industry!
In my opinion, his music is good. He is young and there is definitely room for him to grow. That’s what happens to all of us right? I would definitely like to see him get some press coverage and fans for his music. His lyrics are on point and there are definitely some catchy beats.
Coming from Miami, Bizzy Crook saw the move to New York City necessary to further his career as a rapper. He talks music and business in the interview. Is he rapping for the money or for hip hop? The young Crook discusses his dreams of being a young rapper at 22 and turning rap into his full time gig. Be sure to comment and like.

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