@ManuiLL "Blood I Bleed" Official Video

Check out the new video from Manu-Ill The video was well shot loved the color editing with the red effect on the screen Song was nice. Loved the melodic delivery of the track
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"Blood I Bleed" is the second promotional release for Man-u-iLL's upcoming "Man In The Mirror" project, which will be an 8 track EP released on 3-21-14. 

Most people don't appreciate what they got till its gone, whether that be a lover, a brother, a job, freedom... and as Cliche as the saying may be, the fact of the matter is undeniable. In today's world paying attention seems to be too costly for some, with Ipads, Smartphones, TV, Radio, and Social Networks it is easy to lose track of the people and things that really matter in life. 

Man-u-iLL paints a picture of frustration and determination on this track, which anyone out there chasing dream can relate to. Making music is one thing, living life; juggling relationships, working to pay bills, trying to maintain your health (physical & mental) all while chasing your dream is a whole other thing. 

Blood I Bleed can be best described as a reflection of where Man-u-iLL is in life and just how he feels about it, plain & simple. Though he may not be where he thinks he should be, Man-u-iLL continues to push forward and juggle whatever life throws at him knowing in his heart that the future is limitless as long as he keeps working hard at turning his dream to reality.

Thanx to Yeti Talk for directing the video, TruLight Studio's for the editing and Sean Marvel for the dope beat!
website: www.ManuiLL.com

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