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Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Major G is a young rapper with a unique approach and ambitious attitude, on a quest to leave his mark upon the local hip hop scene and beyond.

This is definitely not the case of Major G, The General, who set out to stand as a leader among the scene, taking his music seriously and performing with a compelling passion. Major G keeps playing live and promoting his music: he as appeared alongside artists such as Snoop Lion, Mac Miller at Soundset music Festival 2013 and Cam-ron at First Avenue just to name a few.

Major G has been a fan of hip hop for a really long time, beginning to excel at rapping as early as during the 4th grade, stepping his game up to the next level ever since. Not only a talented rapper, but also a self-taught producer, Major G creates his own music with the help of software workstations such as FL Studio (Fruity Loops). The fact that this artist also produces his own tracks his great, because it gives him complete creative control over his material and releases. Major G is one of those few rappers who refuse to get stuck in a box, delivering eclectic tracks like "Super Saiyan" topped by his signature sharp lyrical flow.

His productions are always high quality, striving to connect with the listeners at a deeper level, letting the music flow free from categorizations. When asked about his audience, Major G replies: “my fans are independent thinkers, free flowing, care free individuals who value life experiences in their own terms”.

“What makes me different from everyone else is that I'm not creating the sound of today I'm creating the sound of the future” – Major G.

His latest release, “Indeed”, was released on February 21 2013 at Majorthegeneral.com, with the production collaboration of some of the members from The Mogolz.

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