@maddenmiles "One Against Many" e.d.g.e.: @edgarpenwork Amber Ruthe: @amberbrooooke

Check out the new track from producer Madden Miles.  Features MC e.d.g.e. and vocalist Amber Ruthe. I've posted tracks from edge before. He got some great delivery on tracks. Amber got good vocals the tone reminds me of Rihanna I think the vocals could have been mixed cleaner allot of reverb  on it More than needed But the beat is nice and concept bangs 
Check the track and be on the lookout for the new release
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Producer Madden Miles releases "One Against Many", the first visual/single from his upcoming "Hero Music" Album. The single features MC e.d.g.e. and vocalist Amber Ruthe weaving vocals over dark production accompanied by visuals from "The Dark Knight"… "Hero Music" Album coming soon…

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