Kahlil Brandon (Producer) / Uptown Players (Instrumental LP) / Sounds: Wavy/Soulful @lifewithkahlil

Check out the newest beat tape from Kahlil Brandon. A very musical sounding releases. Loved the drums on most of the tracks very cool  instrumentation. Lot of different genre influences from soul to jazz to even the reggae inspired Irie.
Loved the style of the beats and believe a few gems could be used to build some great joints
A  few joints like Hustle Hard seemed to be off on the loop. but good sounds
Check out the beat tape and contact Kahlil for your future projects.

Kahlil Brandon premiers his latest beat tape “Uptown Players.” The project features a soulful sound dipped in luxury. “Uptown Players” plays seamlessly boasting a dope variety of colorful sample selections. The San Diego based producer kicks the year off with plenty of chill vibes. The project is available for stream at soundcloud.com/lifewithkahlil/sets/uptown-players and free download at lifewithkahlil.bandcamp.com/album/uptown-players

1. Love.Life
2. The Don
3. Fantasy
4. Irie
5. SomeHow.SomeDay.SomeWay
6. Avenida
7. Itaparica
8. The Grind
9. Versace Floors
10. Hustle Hard

Floatin' through the world flippin' ill samples || Producer || inquiries - lifewithkahlil@gmail.com

San Diego, CA · soundcloud.com/lifewithkahlil

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Kahlil Brandon ✌

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