Full Album DL @TheRealAGE7 "Been Weiiird Since I Looked In The Mirror"

Welcome to the trip from my mind to yours and in between to detours and more. I hope you Enjoy The Show. We will be traveling to The Outer Edge of mental capacity. I will be taking you Down The Rabbit Hole. And at times it may seem as though My Life Is Like A Tarantino Movie but rest assured and have no fear. When in doubt my Weird-O-Flow will be a reminder of where you are. Please respect the Mysterious Lady because she has all control. Somewhere in the middle we will take a break with Marry & Me. We shall Smoke Like A Hippie until our eye can see clearly. You must realize that So Hiiigh I’ve Gone I can never fully return. Liquids Of The Brain have now affected my body and I am in an altered state. Therefore I have Combined The Work Of A Trillion Cells To Work As A Single Body. The Way You Make Me Feel is not measurable by any earthly dimension. So not for the last but for One Last T-eye-mm I thank you from my heart and my mind. I present to you Been Weiiird Since I Looked In The Mirror.
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