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@dursonj interview @ChrisWebby

Chris Webby
I had the pleasure of meeting with Chris Webby back in December on his Homegrown Tour here in Manhattan.
I arrived early around 6pm where they were setting up all of their sound equipment.  Others were setting up Webby Merchandise. The venue staff was running around getting little tasks completed as I stood just watching.
Chris Webby came out and was making sure the guy with the merchandise knew the correct prices for hoodies, etc.  Then his team left to go to dinner and wouldn’t be seen until our interview.  The venue “Gramercy Theater” didn’t really treat Chris Webby and his team very nicely in my opinion.  They treated them as if they were just of the street and begged to do a show there.  No one was friendly and no one even acknowledged any needs the team needed.
The show was dope. Most of Chris Webby’s fans are aged 16-20 it seemed like.  I sat in the back of the theater with Bizzy Crook and his team. Bizzy Crook opened for Chris Webby on the Homegrown Tour. There were actually some parents at the show making sure their college kids weren’t getting into any trouble.
Be sure to watch the exclusive interview with Chris Webby.  The hip hop artist Chris Webby was a funny guy. He has a little bit of growing to do with his music and he realizes this as well.  His next project is going to have a lot of dedication put into it.  Be sure to comment and follow @ChrisWebby and me @dursonj

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