Death Chamberz Music Interview "Ydbeatsss"

Death  Chamberz Music Interview "Ydbeatsss"
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1.       How did you get your name?
A. I got the name "Ydbeatsss" from my father, because his nickname was "Dollars" and I am his first son. Everyone called me "Young Dollars". When I began making Beats I added "Beatsss" to it, then I decided to make it all as one word because it defines who I am hence "Ydbeatsss". Recently I've gained another alias "The Soul King" from Gusto Grey because of my soulful sampling approach to music.

2.    What inspired you to become a artist?
A.  I'd have to say just being fascinated by sound and looking for a way to express myself. Also when I 
heard "Biggie Smalls - Dead Wrong"  changed the way I heard music.

3.       When and how  did you start? And have you created any records yet? or mixtape?
A. I started back in late 2007 as just a hobby however it quickly turned into much more as I dove deeper into music. I have two beat tapes! "Soul of a Libra" and my latest "Memory Lane".

4.       What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren't writing/producing/playing etc?
A. I watch a lot of Anime, play Football, and watch movies.

5.       Who are your musical inspirations?
A. Producers: 9th Wonder, J Dilla, DJ Premier, Timbaland, and Alchemist. 
Artist: Biggie Smalls, Rapsody, Murs, LiL Wayne, and Big L.

6.       What kind of music do you listen to today?
A. Hip-Hop, Soul, and Rnb. Mostly from the up and coming Underground artist.

7.       What surprises would we find in your music collection?
A. A lot of messages and stories even though they're only beats to the average Joe. 

8.       Todays music is about collaborations what "hot" rapper out now, you would love to work with on a project?
A. This is a tough one but I'd have to go with Drizzy Drake on this one.

9.       What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
A. A lot of emotion, positive energy and ways to express yourself when you can't find the right words.

10.   What do you hope to do with your music?
A. Show that there's still many positive things within my generation as well as the next all through loving one self and those around them.
11.   Where do you see the generation heading?
A. As of right now it's not looking to good however there are many positive people out there who just never gets noticed thus making it seem like there's only negative things taking place. With that being said I see the generation taking a turn for the best in the end.

12.   Is there any advice you'd like to give to young aspiring artist ?
A. My advice to young aspiring artist out there would be to follow your dream even when the days come when you feel like there's no progress "Do Not Quit". Also do your research! Read anything that can increase your knowledge of this business, plan and execute.

13.   What projects should we be on the lookout for in the near future?
A. The Renaissance Era is something everyone should be looking forward for from me next.  As well as some work on @Creative_Gold EP entitled #Circa93 and more!

14.   Any shout outs?
A. Shout out to: My family and my extended family, 9 to 5 Th3 Producer, Gusto Grey, Anthony Ferrigon, Brittney Crush #MxxchersUp ,Denn Wulvarro, Stuy, Creative Gold, and last but not least to Death  Chamberz Music for showing love and support thank you.

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