Death Chamberz Music Interview of Latrell James @IamlatrellJames

Death   Chamberz Music Interview of Latrell James 
1.       How did you get your name?
 I came up with this name recently after I saw another artist with my prior one. Latrell James is my first and middle name. 

2.    What inspired you to become a artist?
The thing that inspired me most to become an artist was DMX's first album. I wanted to rap just like that as a kid. 

3.       When and how  did you start? And have you created any records yet? or mixtape?
 I consider myself really beginning my musical journey two years ago. I've begun writing and recording for over 10 years. My last project the Lemonade Stand is my only release to date. I have a project named Twelve set to be released this spring. 

4.       What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?
 My favorite past time besides music is photography. I take picture of everything on my Canon T2i

5.       Who are your musical inspirations?
 I have a ton of musical inspirations but to keep it short, Jay-z and Michael Jackson. 

6.       What kind of music do you listen to today?
I'm a huge fan of 70's everything and 90's house music. 

7.       What surprises would we find in your music collection?
Pink Floyd. They were so dope!

8.       Todays music is about collaborations what "hot" rapper out now, you would love to work with on a project?
It's weird, I don't really have that artist that I would want to collaborate with but I feel J.Cole and myself would click. 

9.       What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
What I want my listeners to get from my music is that I'm honest. That and hopefully that can learn from the experiences I share within my music and apply it to real life. 

10.   What do you hope to do with your music?
I want to affect lives globally. I want to be able to travel the world and explain how I made it from Boston, Ma.

11.   Where do you see the generation heading?
This generation is dope. Very indie minded and are willing to do things on their own. I feel like this generation is going to take music away from the corporations and allow us to make the music we want. 

12.   Is there any advice you'd like to give to young aspiring artist ?
 Only advice is never stop working at your craft. 

13.   What projects should we be on the lookout for in the near future?
This spring of 2014, I'm releasing an album named Twelve. I'll make sure you get it first. 

14.   Any shout outs?

14. Too many shout outs. I love you mom and dad. 

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