Death Chamberz Music Interview Knox Hill

Death Chamberz Music Interview Knox Hill 

How Did You Get Your Name?

 It's a shoutout to my home, my community, and the ones I support. It also has another meaning...In school I had a nickname - "Fort Knox" - because I was always grinding, always selling whatever I could get my hands on and no one ever knew where I got my money from and how. It was a mystery to many, and I played my cards close to my chest. The secretive persona remains to this day - even with Knox Hill. 

What Inspired You to Become an Artist?

 I just love music. It's my outlet, my refuge, a place for me to unleash my emotions and to be passionate about the things I stand for. I didn't decide to become an artist, because I've always been one. I was born different, creative, and the box I revolve around mentally is just on a different planet than most.

When and How Did You Start? I

've been doing music solo for only the past two and a half years now. I started off with a childhood friend who used to drag me to freestyle battles in the lunchrooms, and then it just all kind of mushroomed from there. Next thing I knew I had local DJs giving me beats, and then he was leading me into this rundown basement studio to get my ideas onto a track. Obviously the music has evolved and we've come a long way since then, but one thing I haven't lost is that raw, eager spirit. In my eyes I'm still very much a rookie, and while I've got nothing to prove, I'm still on a mission to be the best at my craft. My sophomore album, Redemption, just dropped January 23rd, and now we're in the process of getting the music out to as many ears as possible. It's one of those releases you feel shameless in promoting because you know it's something people need to hear.

What is Your Favorite Thing to Do When You're Not Writing? 

Sports. Not only am I a musician, but I'm also a professional athlete. That dedication takes up a lot of my day, and when I'm not in the booth recording I'm out on the field or in the gym working out. Besides that I try to do as much reading as possible. Like your body, your mind needs to be exercised, and I work hard to keep mine sharp. It's the most valuable weapon I have.

What Are Your Musical Aspirations?

 To be the best. Period.

What Kind of Music Do You Listen to Today?

 Everything. I am literally all over the board with my genre selection, and I feel like having a wide range inspires my own music and makes me so diverse as a rapper. On any given day I could go from Country, to Dubstep, to a little R&B, and then back to Hip Hop, it depends on my mood and the place I'm in.

What Surprises Would We Find In Your Musical Collection? 

Sarah Bareilles. Yup, I said it. She's hot, and I think she's extremely talented. Give me a chick who can sing and play guitar any day.

Today Is About Collaborations - What 'Hot' Rapper Now Would You Like to Work With? 

Honestly, I don't really do collabs with other MC's. I find a lot of rappers are afraid to get on a track with me, and MC's are so competitive to outshine each other lyrically, that the concept of a song, the overall flow, and the artistry sometimes gets lost. At the end of the day, I'm more worried about the song as a whole, and the creativity behind the entire process. You'll see a lot of singers and other types of artists on my tracks, but that's about it. John the Unlimited is the only rapper that gets a free pass from me, because that dude is just too damn talented to say no to.

What Do You Think Listeners Will Get Out of Your Music? 

Inspiration. My goal is to give you that sound that you think about for days later, and I want my concepts to get stuck in your head. Whatever you come into the music with, I want you to walk away with something you didn't have before. Whether that's motivation to get up and change something in your life, or a new idea/lense to see the world in, I don't know. That's on you, but I promise the music will take you on the path less travelled.

What Do You Hope to Do With Your Music? 

My music is dynamic, like my life. My philosophy, my views, my spirit are constantly evolving, and changing with the sound. That's a part of growing up, and having new experiences. I can't say what the end-game is, but what I know right now is that I'm just on a mission to get the sound out and become a recognized name. I want to do this full-time, and I've already taken steps to earn a living from the art. Anyone who wants to help support that dream, go to, or look me up on major music distributors. I'm there, and you won't be disappointed with what's to come.

Where Do You See The Generation Heading? 

I'm not one for predictions, otherwise I'd be in Vegas. As an artist, you have to keep an ear to the street and pay attention to the current trends. Some then go with them, and others create their own lanes. Right now I think we're having this blend between the underground and mainstream, which is something new. Thanks to youtube and the massive machine that is the internet, you now have the Macklemore's of the world coming up and being completely independent. That means full creative control, and it's a unique position to be in where a rapper can have mainstream presence and appeal yet still be, in a sense, "underground."

Is There Any Advice You'd Give an Aspiring Artist? 

Recording is fun. Playing shows is fun. Promoting and putting in the monotonous time to grow your grass-roots image - that's where the real test is. On the come up, you have to be willing to do the things no one else is doing to stand out. It's one thing to make the music, but it's another to get it out to your target audience, to put it in the hands of the right people who can grow your fanbase and brand. That takes long-hours, it takes grunt work, and you have to stay hungry. One in literally a million make it in this game, and there's a lot of luck involved. All you can do is try your best to create as many opportunities as possible to blow up and hope for the best. Believe in yourself and you'll never truly be let down.View every failure as one step closer to success.

What Projects Should We Be on the Lookout for in the Near Future?

 Redemption. It's my MP now out on Bandcamp and I've got a smaller EP dropping on iTunes here very, very soon. This is one massive project, and I've cranked a lot of hours and passion into making this a truly epic release. There's 18 tracks involved, and each one tells it's own story. The sounds are from a wide mix of genres, and there's a little something for everyone thrown on there. I've never been more proud of a release, and if you're new to the world of Knox Hill, Redemption is where you need to begin.

Any Shoutous? 

Just the one and obvious. Death Chamberz Music gives us artists on the come up a chance to be heard, and I've gotta return the love and respect. Stick with the blog and you will be fed good, independent music.

REDEMPTION EP coming for iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, & iHeartRadio soon!!! 

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