Death Chamberz Music Interview for @TGMuzic Tha Gentlemen Muzic

Death Chamberz Music Interview for @TGMuzic

How did you get your group name? Individual names

Sho'Off: The group name came together for a few different reasons.We felt the industry needed a new look and different image to it.Also we are huge fans of the mafia movies and movies like goodfellas, so we kind of just built off of that.
Sho'off: Sho'off came from a part of my personality. Also from people telling me i like to showoff alot through high school,so it just stuck.
C Bee:

How did the group form 
C Bee: The group came together in high school in Dallas Texas. It started out as just fun and quickly got real. We started as just meeting at each others home and recording on a lap top.

  When and how  did you start? And have you created any records yet? or mixtape?
CBee: We are currently working on a new mixtape. We have one out we just released that were promoting called "starvin as an artist" volume 1.You can check out some of the songs at

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?
Sho'Off: Our favorite thing to do besides music is just have fun and enjoy life. We both have kids and love them more than the world itself,so family time is important.

 Who are your musical inspirations?
Sho'Off: Our musical inspirations are those who are business intellegent. Guys like sean "diddy" combs, Baby, Jay z they all are more than just artists.

  What kind of music do you listen to today?
C Bee: We jam any type of music from country and jazz to soul to our own. Music is music,it just sounds different.

What surprises would we find in your music collection?
C Bee: You might be surprised by knowing we have aerosmith and lincoln park in our collection. We also have garth brooks and old school Luther. We like slow music a lot.

Todays music is about collaborations what "hot" rapper out now, you would love to work with on a project?
C Bee: Oh man, you know we would like to try and make a hit with Rhianna and also Future.

What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
Sho'Off: I hope my listeners get a few moments of stress free time with our music. We really want to just make peoples lives a little better even if its something small like that.

What do you hope to do with your music?
C Bee: With our music we want to create a following. We love helping others. If we can make it to a major level and give back to those who need it on a regular, man we will live a happy life.

Where do you see the generation heading?
Sho'Off: Im not sure where the generation is heading, but I know I want to play a major role in the new generation and the young kids growing up.

Is there any advice you'd like to give to young aspiring artists?
C Bee: We both know if you want to get where you need to be, it takes time, patience, and whether people want to hear it or not some investing. Our best advice is to keep at it but be smart and dont follow the trend all the time.

As a group what is a song writing process for you
Sho'Off: When we make a song, it could be we're together or we might make it alone and bring it up when we meet. Turn some beats on and we will make something happen though.

What are your thoughts on solo projects
C Bee: I mean its nothing wrong with us doing solo projects. We know we have our own ideas and we are different people. The thing is we also know we're a team and we will stick together at the end of the day we're in it together.

What projects should we be on the lookout for in the near future?
Sho'Off: We have a new song "Heels On" coming out. We also have our first major video coming soon. Also we are staring a new mixtape. Check our twitter for updates @TGMuzic!!
Shout out to our beat squad 808hitsville, dj ab , KOTG ENT and everyone supporting TGM!!!

.“We are the future!” Tha Gentlemen, Chris”C.BEE” Brewer and Bradley”Sho off” Thomas have spent most of their youth in Dallas, Texas. Their musical influences come from the likes of Tupac, who was trying to reach out and change the game; "Diddy" and "Birdman" for their business mind; and they can't forget "Wayne" who is just a recording and music selling machine. 
Tha Gentlemen bring a versatile and 
unique sound and have made it their work to show a different side of Dallas music. 
These dedicated and hungry lyrical artists are very marketable and bring a new feel to the industry. Their goal is to be platinum artists, as well as build their own brand/Empire and move a little more into other industries though our music industry success. 
“Our drive and stage presence and our willingness to give back and help other with their goals is our main objective.”, states C.BEE. He goes on to say, “Our look and freshness that we bring to hip hop and the music industry period is our greatest asset as artists.” 
When you ask them what is their greatest weaknesses as artists, the humble yet energetic duo states that it’s keeping up with the schedule which leads to not getting much rest. The duo admits that they are always writing or listening. “Most of our songs on the first mixtape (starving as a artist) that drops at the top of year 2013 have to do with night life and our own life. Most of what we talk about is true, if it’s not it’s a story from or about someone. Even the money talk…” When they write their music, they usually start by just hearing a beat and kind of playing with it. Their music is energetic, intelligent and it tells a story. It blends Dallas sound with quality lyrics and a touch of our own new sounding style. They strive to show it is still real hip hop, they just have found a way to integrate it with their style. 
Being dedicated of being part of a foundation called Texas Mended Wings Ministries making moves in the direction of originality and longevity, Tha Gentlemen have their eyes on completing 2 successful albums and to be a successful brand all within the next five years. But don’t let Tha Gentlemen fool you! In addition to being multi-platinum artists and hopefully going down as two of the best to ever do it, their ultimate objective is to own a major record label. 
Tha Gentlemen are positioning themselves to do just that!

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