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After watching all these Slips I think you gotta make sure the recordings are more on point on how the audio sounds. Maybe have a mic or something
D.A.Y Good delivery on the tracks some nice punches
Apollo,  Not the greatest energy vocal presence but liked the writing Nice cadence on the flow
Swateezy Clearly one of the best on the label. Nice rhymes and delivery gets better every cypher 
Lexxie, Not great delivery flow like a good poet  learning to rhymes Great lyrics flow got better as it went
JClay. On a different level then the rest of the MC's shows energy flow cadence and bars 
Don’t forget where you get the best underground music Death Chamberz Music

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With 41 straight cyphers, the best beats, the most lyrical verses, The Slip is in a category all their own. This cypher features D.A.Y, Apollo, Swateezy, Lexxie, and JClay.

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