@BuzzFlightyear @skypadwar BURR**

Once again, Atlanta's newest star Lil Silk is back with label mate Skypad War. This time around the two brings us "Burr" (the hook is a reference to Gucci's "Rich Nigga Shit" song). I love the idea of the song: sadly reminding me that Guwop is in jail. Silk goes straight into the verse impactfully with his so-genuine flow. Silk rides the beat in a flow of his own, you never really know what he will say next or if he will slow it down, scream an ad-lib or peacefully maneuver through the track. Skypads' approach to the song is very slow but gets stronger as he proceeds through the verse he strongly says "Yall niggas got no figure, wearing dresses got hoe figures" *Possible Young Thug diss?* We have not spotted Thug link up with Skypad War and Silk since I Came From Nothing sequels. We haven't even seen instagram pictures of them together. Is Thug on Silk's Son Of A Hustler mixtape that drops February 21? Is Thug still Archive Entertainment? Is there bad blood between them? We're not sure but we're excited about the whole Silk sound and movement. Reguardless with or without Thug he can absolutely hold his own as he proved with no yet releases with Thugger. Listen to "Burr" featuring Skypad War:

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