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Check out the new track And all that Jazz with a conceptual jazz inspired album. What makes that great is Jazz is a natural vibe with hip hop that's great foundation to great beats. This album doesn't disappoint. I expected a updated version of Gurus Jazzmaztazz but the vibe of the beats were more foundation hip hop with Jazz influences than rapping over Jazz tracks.  
Lyrical love the concepts of the songs Great writing delivery is kind of old school but pretty good

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Landon Wordswell teams up with A June & J Beat to make the jazz inspired LP, "And All That Jazz". Hailing from the upper left region of the United States, the emcee reaches far and wide for the sounds he's longing for and locates the producer duo representing both South Korea (A June) and Columbia (J Beat). This will be Landon's sophomore album directing away from the conceptual story telling style displayed in his first album, "The Mourning After Pill", to show other skill sets in his repertoire.

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