Bk Bambino ( @Bk_Dubois ) "She Love Me" #GRWYF$

Check out the new tune from BK Bambino. She Loves Me
I've posted allot of material from this crew before 
Thought the beat was nice pretty good joint Continued quality material from GRWYF$ (Get Rich with Your Friends)
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A new force adds whirlwinds to an already windy city. BK Bambino, an artist of GRWYF$ (Get Rich with Your Friends) invades the city with his new single, “She Love Me”, dropping February 14, 2014. BKB shakes up the Chicago scene by bending his metaphors, creating a true Chicago Loop. His loud style and distinctive flow create a new edge for the music boom, severing the tie to today’s glorified, subpar rap scene. Whether listeners’ attitude is developed implicitly or explicitly, Bambino’s music and persona are sure to evoke strong, positive responses. In either case, Bambino’s fan base will extend globally.

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