@ATLienWorkshop has LANDED! @ATLienHemi @sonnybamboo @djwushu

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ATLien Workshop sets the bar high for humanity with their new music video, “We’ve Landed”. 
Complete with an actual U.F.O, a trigger-happy farmer, and a human girl impregnated with an alien baby; Hemi and Sonny Bamboo are showing just how alien they are comparatively to the conventional “underground rapper in front of a graffiti wall” style music video. For the first time you get to see exactly what the alien side of ATLien Workshop actually looks like, and we now get a feeling that since they’ve landed…they have no plans of leaving anytime soon. Accompanying the brand new music video, the EP ‘We’ve Landed’ is also available here [insert link] for free download.
Filmed By: Viridian Crown

Produced By: Chizzy

Cuts By: DJ Wushu

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