@TruezNATION @GTFilms @BDOG_HMG #SARCASM (Official Music Video) #TruezNATION

The flow is incredible. Great multi quick flow. It's all clear and not basic but rides the rhythm
Loved the beat with the sample
This is a up date club version of foundation hip hopp
Loved the video. The color choice in the black and white was done really well The editing was incredible really professionally done
Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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Watch & Listen to Truez gear up for his 2nd Mixtape "Damn My Lifetime" as he unleashes a lyrical demolition on the game. 
Produced by. Hennessy Music Group 
Directed by. GT Films

Truez is originally from Newark, NJ, but currently lives in Augusta, GA and has most of his life. 
Truez is a DOPE new artist that is really starting to create a buzz. He is going on a eight city tour with Hype Magazine in Feb. "Damn My Lifetime" is a great follow up to his debut mixtape 1991 ART (American Rebel Tales) which was released a few months ago. 


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