@TheSlipRecords @BadBitch_DiVa @TaylorD_Musik @MyNameIs_Eben @ThaRealGizz Cypher #37

Sorry missed it yesterday but we of course still got the Cypher from The Slip. This one is filled with Estrogen. Now for those that follow my site know I got a love on for female MC's Nothing sexier than a chick that can really rap. So loving this cypher is natural. The fact is the ladies of The Slip are some of the best rappers on this team. They have promoted one of my favorite cyphers from the team
Ms Diamond Diva's Loved the flow on the delivery
 Taylor D's  Wow loved this verse the swagger and voice is amazing
Eben with the vocals set up nice in the middle 
Gizzle Badaz Probobly best lyricist in the group but don't love the female with an imagae of a dude. 

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Sometimes it just be like that. Check out this new cypher featuring Ms Diamond Diva, Taylor D, Eben, and Gizzle Badazz. Shout out to Krina Lee Studio.


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