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Tha Hood Homie

by Poke Chop

Independent Atlanta artist Poke Chop is sure to make an imprint with his latest release "Tha Hood Homie". He displays his lyrical prowess with immaculate production and noteworthy features. Filled with clever punch lines and catchy hooks, Chop shows that he is no rookie when it comes to this industry. This release has something for every hip hop lover. The wide range of this artist gives us a glimpse into his life which reveals hilarious braggadocio about him riding round town with your baby mama. Other tracks reveal a deeper side of Chop. The range of this artist has no limitations. This album is a definite street pleaser. Your best bet is to make this apart of your music collection today.

Be Real
by Poke Chop

  1. 1Be Real 03:22$0.99
  2. 2Built Like Me 03:20$0.99
  3. 3Ridin Round (Me & Yo BM) 04:13$0.99
  4. 4You Should See 04:41$0.99
  5. 5Wherever 03:53$0.99
  6. 6Those In The Way 05:01$0.99
  7. 7Particular 03:12$0.99
  8. 8Deuce Deuce 03:17$0.99
  9. 9#Classic 03:24$0.99
  10. 10Zone 03:19$0.99
  11. 11Beat Up 03:29$0.99
  12. 12Got Me One 03:16$0.99
  13. 13No Dick No Mo 03:41$0.99

  14. 14Full Tyme Hippie 04:27

    Poke Chop - Tha Hood Homie - NoDJ

    The diverse nature of his musical selection mirrors the diverse nature of his ultimate goal within this industry. "I want to help those with an idea that lack funding", Chop  expresses with an admiration for independent thinkers. His drive for music has created a lane to contribute to the world in a positive way. Chop's first step is to make a mark in this industry which he is well on his way to accomplishing. After shooting videos "Particular" and "Be Real" off upcoming album "Tha Hood Homie" he developed new additives to his resume, amongst a list of significant features. Poke Chop harbors the blueprint to grow to exponential heights with music and create a legacy for years to come. This is the definition of a Full Tyma.



  15. http://twitter.com/thahoodhomie


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