Nocturnal Emission EP @MELLOWPANTHER

Check out the new EP from Mellow Panther 
A sound heavily influenced by Anime. I think it's cool as Anime is very intertwined in hip hop as they have cross fan bases
I think the beats were very interesting very much mix of EDM influenced with some club tracks
Sonically it bringing allot of different sounds into the mix 
Favorite tune is "Yama" 

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Mellow Panther (aka "Akira") is currently working with Artists such as Ethel Wulf & Bones, Nick Blanko and Armani of York, and continuing to craft his "Mellowwave" sound which is heavily inspired by Anime (specifically 'Toonami'). His unique sound and approach to beat making sets Mellow firmly in his position as one of the forefathers of this new Anime Rap movement, which is starting to become a very popular niche genre with more and more artists/producers gravitating towards it.

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