New Mixtape from @TheSlipRecords "Slip Sh!T vol. 3,"

Check out the new mixtape from the peoples at The Slip Records. I've been posting there cyphers every Monday for months. If  you  have your favorites you can check them out on the mixtape 

1. 500 We Deep ft. Lil Won, D.A.Y & Supreme
2. She A Phreak ft. Lil Won, D.A.Y & Swateezy
3. My Youngins ft. Apollo, Swateezy & KJ
4. From The Bottom ft. Gizzle Badazz
5. Bros Before Hoes ft. KJ, Lil Won & Swateezy
6. Testify ft. KJ, Lil Won & Nucky Breaux Jr.
7. My Team ft. Swateezy & Supreme
8. I Don't ft. Swateezy & Supreme
9. I Can't Even Lie ft. Dawg Life
10. On Some ft. Swateezy, Apollo & D.A.Y
11. All I Do Is Flex ft. Swateezy & 1st
12. Sport Fly ft. Dawg Life
13. It Ain't My Money ft. Nucky Breaux Jr, Swateezy & Apollo
14. Done Son ft. 1st
15. HAM ft. Taylor D, Ms Diamond Diva, & Lil Won
16. Grind That ft. 1st
17. Relaxin' ft. Lil Won
18. Budget Bussin ft. JClay & Gizzle Badazz
19. Finessin' ft. Deysean, Swateezy, Lique & DJ B-Flex

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