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Check out the new track with the video game influence. I loved the sample the beat is really cool. Pretty nice track could be mixed louder but good vibe. Liked the 2nd verse the best.
Check out the track and download the album
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Mega Ran and K-Murdock are back with more video game fueled madness, but with a friend this time, Brooklyn up and coming MC Mark Pheonix, who joined Ran to spit monstrous bars on a new track entitled "MONSTER." both MCs go beast mode on K-Murdock's frantic track, which samples classic game FINAL FANTASY III, and this track will have you reaching for a health potion.

The album Forever Famicom DLC 3 is out now, featuring odes to Nintendo classics like Super Mario World, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter and more. Stream or download here: 

Twitter: @MegaRan @Neosonix @MarkXPheonix

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