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2011 Jakob22 decided he was going to go back to making the real hip hop.Take away the fake images. Take away from the fake bought collabos. Take away the fake paid for placement blogs, and go back to making music 

In the last few years this has gotten Jakob the opportunity to work with some of the best MC's and producers in the game. It has allowed Jakob22 to work with those who truly love the art and just interested in making great music together. 
Us here at Death Chamberz Music appreciate all the love Jakob22 has received and all the hate and criticisms he's gotten. Hopefully the years to come we get to work with more and more of you great artists

If you are down to work with Jakob22 holla at deathchamberzmusic@gmail.com 

So here we have posted the collabos we have released through Death Chamberz Music in the last couple of years. 
There are a few other collabos we have done with others on there projects,  but these are the ones we have released.
What is your favorite track  Who should I collab with in the future

Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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