@iamvicmonet Flava in ya ear Remix

Check out the new video from Victoria Monet. as she flips the Flavor in your Ear track. I have to admit that when I checked out the  model pics I expect some pop Nicki Minaj  or one of those stripper club tracks. I was actually suprised and impressed by what I seen. It's hard to judge as it's not an original tune. The flow in pretty sweet got some nice bars. Will love to hear more. With the talent in rhyme and the jaw dropping beauty in the pictures, all she needs is a good producer and good manager and she can be the next big thing in 2 years. Dying to hear more 
The video was shot well and looks better than many do there real singles 

Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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Small bio:
i’ve been in the entertainment industry for 6 years . I went to school for radio & Television which led me to  being a TV host for Smash the mic and a radio host for 89.7KACC. Ive Featured in many artist videos but my most highlighted are my music videos for Devin the dude, Slim thug  & Bun B , I interviewed lots of artist.

 my favorite was  a Trey Songz & Mario interview I did for a Vic the mayor event. Now at 22 I created my own company as a Model/Business Consultant (MC: where I help models, build there resume, portfolio and get products together BC: I help business owners create and develop their business by helping with stuff like  creating package pricing & getting their company trademarked & copyrights  )

 I also wrote a  Hustle Manual book called "Game green " that cover Business Communication , How to budget , save & invest into your own business/brand. Everything that ive done had me featured  in over 30 different websites, blogs & magazines like XXL , (Adult) Quest Magazine,Soletron.com, GGurls.com Worldstarlatin.com  etc.. the link to my list of features are on here--à http://www.officialvictoriamonet.com/Features.html 

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