@iamAYE Keep It Real

I love that grimey boom bap  foundation track. This is straight 90's New York  street rap.
Beat bangs nice
Vocals could be louder 
Great track 
Don't forget where you get the best indie music 

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NEW SINGLE: A.Y.E. - Keep It Real

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Makebelieve and IMF/Infamous are pleased to release the first single "Keep It Real" from emcee/producer A.Y.E.'s upcoming album "90 Now". This gritty boom-bap banger pays tribute to the classic joint by east-coast rapper Jamal. The single includes both the vocal and instrumental versions.

Also check out the video "psYYChology" featuring A.Y.E. by Teekay (of Dragon Fli Empire), a song which received spins from DJs around the world, including Freddie Foxxx (a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles): http://youtu.be/8GjMwa38OG8

More information on A.Y.E.:

More information on Makebelieve Records

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