Death Chamberz Music Interview of Av the Av8ter

    Death Chamberz Music Interview of Av the Av8ter

                                                             1. How did you get your name?

My actual name was suppose to be av but there were other people named that, so I was trying to think of something to add on that actually meant something. So I thought of the av8ter, it represents where I want to take it, much higher. Av the av8ter stuck surprisingly. 

                                                      2. What inspired you to become an artist?

It's kinda corny but, the appeal. Artist get looked up to. People looked down on me for most of my life. So I was getting looked down on while looking up at Artists with the people looking down on me. Haha man, but when I started rapping all of that change. The better I got the higher I got.  But I don't look down I'm still looking up.

                       3.When and how did you start? And have you created any records yet? or mixtape?

I've always rhymed, but it didn't turn into rap until I was about 13. Back then my uncle was cutting the boards and kicking lines, He got me started in his studio. He convinced me to give rap a shot, it's been history since then. I have done about four mixtapes 2 solo "E8th(1)der" and "WE" and 2 collaboration projects with my dude Nvy "Level 4" and "4.5".

                      4. What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?

Hmm when I'm not behind a mike, pen or board I usually listen to other material that's out there. I'm a music fan.

                                                        5. Who are your musical inspirations?

Musically as in composers of the music behind a song I would say Q-tip, Kanye West, Jazze Pha and manny fresh to name a few. Artist wise I would say Slick Rick, Rob base & D.j. E-Z Rock, Bigge,Out cast, bone thugs n harmony, Nas, and Pac of course, list goes on.      

                                                   6. What kind of music do you listen to today?

                          Mostly rap and R&B, but every now and then I venture into nameless jazz or rock.

                                       7. What surprises would we find in your music collection?

I think the biggest surprise would be this one Japanese rock band haha. The second would be a few female R&B and rap artist, cats need to stop sleeping on them.

                 8.Today's music is about collaborations what "hot" rapper out now, you would love to work with on a project?

                                                    If I had a chance to I'd like to work with BIG K.R.I.T.

                                          9. What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?

                          Honestly I'm not sure, I want to say perspective. But with the way I rap it's hard to tell.

                                                         10. What do you hope to do with your music?

                                                       Aspirations? I'm just trying to see how far it can go.

                                                       11. Where do you see the generation heading?

                   I see the generation becoming more advanced. Technology will be utilized in ways that may seem unnecessary.

                                                 12. Is there any advice you'd like to give to young aspiring artists?

                                                 Take advantage of the internet. It's your audience at your finger tips.

                                                13. What projects should we be on the lookout for in the near future?

                                                                I will be putting out an EP of sorts in spring. 

                                                                                  14. Any shout outs?

                                                   Shout out to Nvy and anybody rocking with me, I appreciate it.

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